We all were small and everything happened to us during childhood left imperishable impression. First rainbow, first snow, first barefoot walk, first thunder storm – each event was new and amazing.

Learning process it is like entering the great world full of mysteries and discoveries. Our goal is to save native perception interest.

Children need knowledge about nature, about social behavior. How to make friends, how to estimate danger, how to find interesting occupations, how to learn and what to learn. That is why it is extremely important what children see, Read and feel. That is why it is important to provide child with full access to real world.
We strive to promote harmonic evolution of children. Our books are based on nature observation, natural object properties. Developing elements designed under Maria Montessory and Julia Hippenreiter methods. Books combine information about nature, learning with game elements and interaction. You can read them, watch and play with them.

Children are talented, wise, observant, searching and thankful readers. They are our teachers, сritics and advisers. Children always take part in books development, test graphics and interactive elements. We hope our books will help children and their parents to learn new and will inspire to investigate our beautiful and endless world.

K. Zekavica